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Delve into the depths of your being as planetary alignments guide us to unravel the mysteries of your existence. Whether you seek clarity in matters of love, career, or personal growth, our astrology readings provide a roadmap to navigate life's celestial dance. Embrace the wisdom of the cosmos and unlock the secrets of your soul with our transformative astrology sessions today.

sample natal chart report


You were born into the sign of Taurus in the 10th house. This is the sign of rootedness, characterized by love, loyalty, and a fondness for the familiar. You tend to rely on tried and tested solutions rather than trying new ones. You are patient, stand on solid ground, and you defend yourself against surprising innovations and incalculable risks. You enjoy life's pleasures. You are practical, down-to-earth, decisive, and persevering. Though you tend to be suspicious of new ideas and are slow to warm up to them, you stick with them once you commit. Sometimes, you can be lazy, lethargic, and self-indulgent, especially with food. You are a pragmatic thinker with a lot of common sense. You are methodical, deliberate, and realistic. Although you are usually willing to adapt to life events, you can be stubborn and slow to react to new ideas, mistrusting things that you cannot explain. Your world needs to stand up to critique and attack. You have a sense that everything is useful and practical. You do not like to feel rushed. You sometimes struggle with abstract concepts and prefer black-and-white or easily proven things. You are a faithful, social, optimistic, cheerful, affectionate, and tender person capable of developing deep friendships, but jealousy and possessiveness can get in the way. You can be competitive and view life as worth living. 

How you appear to others

You appear self-confident, independent, warm-hearted, generous, cheerful, optimistic, expressive, and full of momentum. You are easy to talk to and well-liked, which plays into your need to be in the public eye. You get a good read on what those around you need and provide them with that to seek popularity. You are diplomatic, charming, and pleasant. You stand up for the underdog and for those under-represented, and you are perceived to do so with a practical yet articulate style that has the world listening to you. You surround yourself with others who have similar values. 


Though generally cheerful, you can be serious and moody. You like to feel in control of your emotions but have a delicate sense of self-worth, especially surrounding your ideas of duty and commitment. You are highly impressionable, often meaning that others easily influence you. You need help with setting boundaries and reacting to the expectations of others. You tend to take the side of someone you perceive as stronger than you. You struggle with internal conflicts between your intellect and your emotional disposition and expressing your true emotions can be a challenge for you. You can be secretive and often deceive others regarding your emotions to protect yourself. You get angry when you see injustice and you support the downtrodden. However, you sometimes fear speaking out publicly about these challenges. You harbor fears of being assertive and exerting your will or decisions. Standing up for your ethics provides opportunities for transformational and spiritual experiences for you, however.

Your childhood and home life

You were a cheerful child with high spirits but needed much attention. You frequently wanted to be first and got upset when you were not. You also had difficulty accepting criticism. You likely experienced passive detachment from your parental home and influence rather than a deliberate exodus. There are blurry lines to your family relationships, and you do not identify well with some immediate family members. You have very set ideas of what your adult home looks and feels like. As a parent, you are benevolent, kind, generous, and proud of your children. Your overarching parenting goal is to teach your children to be self-reliant by nurturing them. 

Work and Career

You are creative and motivated at work and have the ability to train and excel in most fields, though you climb the career ladder slowly. You have an interest in teaching and the sciences. Although you tend to be modest, you need public recognition and admiration, especially from your managers, and you sometimes vie for social positions. One of your tenets is creating and working hard toward your life goals. You tend to get wrapped up in your work and are usually willing to take on extra projects, often neglecting your loved ones in the process. However, your motivation is to make money to provide for your family. You begin new projects optimistically and full of momentum. This intense need to succeed makes you a natural charismatic leader. You are afraid to fail at work or at least be seen to fail by those around you, and this stems from a fear of not being good enough in the eyes of others. Others might refer to you as a workaholic. One of your career goals is to develop an autonomous personality with high self-restraint and control. You will likely use your work to meet others and enjoy intellectual and professional conversations. You are likely to switch careers several times. You tend to declare that you are on the ball when you are not.


You are financially independent and good with money, though you tend to make others finally dependent upon you. This stems from karmic issues surrounding the sharing of money and resources. Your chart leans heavily toward your interest in financial stability. You will likely see your hard work pay off and build stable financial security, though you are sometimes torn between what you want to do and what makes you money. Avoid focusing on the monetary value of items and experiences and value them for what they are rather than their financial cost.


You are likely to claim that you are an atheist and you are dogmatically anti-organized religion, yet spiritual forces are usually guiding you. You are intuitive and likely to find the meaning of life in mystical pursuits by developing a shamanistic view of the world. You have insecurities related to your belief system and have experienced setbacks in this area of your life. The goal is to pursue higher learning in his area, as knowledge will overcome these struggles. You are on a spiritual quest to reawaken in this lifetime. 


You secretly strive to be the center of someone's universe, but you struggle to develop emotional bonds with others and often distance yourself from those around you. You have a heightened sensitivity to love, relationships, and partnerships, although expressing that love can be challenging. You recognize the beauty of important acquaintances, especially those from overseas, and you will likely marry a foreigner. You experience a complex interplay between love, values, and independence. You face issues of self-worth and self-acceptance due to relationship challenges, one area you need to work on healing. 


You are a passionate lover who views love and sexuality as something special, if not sacred. You have sexual fantasies but are unlikely to act them out in the real world because you battle with love versus lust. It would help if you focused on erotic sensuality to marry these two ideas together, and a terrine between Venus and Priapus suggests that this is not only possible but would be harmonious to do so. You should seek opportunities to explore your sexuality and experience the spiritual, more sensual side of sex. Consider tantric experiences to develop in this area. If you light the fire of this passion, it will not disappoint.

Central theme

The central theme of your birth chart is the development of your inner self by searching for the meaning of life, moving beyond the black-and-white realm. You will likely do this via foreign travel and an interest in other cultures. You need to find your own view of the world and overcome imposed values and concepts you consider limited (see the note on spirituality above for more information). However, it would help if you often had more trust in your ability to achieve this goal. You are often insincere toward yourself, providing an excellent opportunity for self-development in this lifetime. There are tensions in your emotions about following accepted norms and personal expansion, and you feel torn between emotional security and seeking new adventures, experiences, and beliefs. You frequently experience tension between your feelings and your ideals. You tend to over-indulge in comfort-seeking behavior. By navigating these emotions and aspirations, you can develop a greater sense of who you are, build resilience, and develop deep wisdom. Overcoming the fear of conflict and being prepared to violate social conventions instead of pleasing others will serve you well. Seek humanitarian projects overseas to help balance your Taurus materialistic and monetary nature. 

The year ahead

Several themes emerge looking to the next year…

Relationships: Chiron is in the 7th house, which indicates that relationship insecurities will surface over the next year. Mercury is also in the 7th house, which suggests that this year is a good time to discuss, clarify, and explain those insecurities and develop empathy and compassion for your loved one’s needs. The sun is also in the 7th house adds that you will learn more about yourself in terms of your relationships by discussing your needs. You will likely see what does and does not fulfill your emotional well-being. The Pars Fortunae is also in your 7th house, which indicates that these meaningful conversations regarding relationship needs will lead to emotional harmony.  Lilith is in your 12th house, suggesting that suppressed and hidden feelings will surface over the next year. Addressing areas such as sexual urges and taboo attitudes will result in healing for you. Interestingly, the vertex in your 8th house suggests that you will be karmically drawn toward people who will have a profound effect on your life regarding those taboos and intimacy. Expect transformations of close relationships as a result. Joint finances are likely to experience some changes, and you are likely to experience new sexual relationships that are different from anything you’ve experienced previously. As a result, your long-term relationships are likely to evolve. 

Self-development - An ongoing theme that has been affecting your chart is Pluto on the 4th house. This has going on since 2015 and continues until 2034, so it’s a slow but major impact. You experience a deep psychological transformation, and your home life will be affected as a result. You may be dealing with childhood conditions and transforming them into how you wish to love as an adult. You can also expect a transformation regarding the responsibility you bear for your children. See the note on finances and women in your life; this could be your daughter's financial responsibility that will change.  Uranus is in your 8th house and will continue to be so until the summer of 2028. Expect long-lasting developments in the area of self-development. Uranus causes powerful changes in the subconscious and lifts restrictions that you have placed on yourself.  Jupiter in the 8th house signifies huge spiritual regeneration and transformations. The sun is squaring Pluto, which also suggests letting go of old patterns of behavior. Moon sextile Pluto draws deep feelings and emotions to the surface. You like the profound connection with others and seek the true meaning of your feelings for each other. Your interest in the mysteries, occult, and hidden spirituality will likely increase over the next year, which will be therapeutic for you. 

Health: Health concerns related to stress are likely over the next year, so avoid pent-up frustrations. Be mindful of the effects of alcohol and drugs, and observe dietary changes in your body. Follow what feels good for your body as opposed to following things blindly.

Career: Mercury is square to your mid-heaven, which is a good time to plan your future career objectives. Heed the warnings of those around you, though, and consider seeking advice from experts or consultants prior to making career decisions. Saturn is in the 5th house until May 2024, then moves into the 6th house. This is a critical time of development, and hard work will bear fruit. This is a time of heavy work responsibility, and it may seem overwhelming at times, but stick with it. Be mindful of your health, though, and treat your body well.  Mars is also in the 6th house, which indicates another aspect of hard work: getting things done on a daily basis. Mars is sextile Uranus adds to this and is likely to result in you feeling restless and impatient with your daily grind, so you will be inspired to seek new experiences and new social connections. You will feel impatient with the restrictions that are imposed on you. Mars continues to affect you in this area as it battles with Neptune in the 6th house, suggesting that you appear to struggle between your desire to work for yourself and working for someone else. You may feel blocked from future advancement by an employer but Mars sextile Jupiter suggests that advancement opportunities are, in fact, likely in business and commercial areas over the next year. 

Finances: Expect issues to surface regarding finances and females in your life. Jupiter, in the 8th house, suggests that there will be larger-than-life changes to finances, especially by using either people’s resources.

sample couple's synastry report 


John’s Moon is in the second house in the sign of Virgo, which means that he tends to be steady and breathes his way through emotions. He can appear uninterested even when he is, and actions speak louder than words. 

Raul’s Moon is in the 6th house in the sign of Pisces, so he feels things deeply and is sensitive to the moods of others.. His emotions can be intense and overwhelming to himself and others. He often finds himself in a dreamy state.

With the positioning of each other’s moons, John feels that his emotions amplify when around Raul. There is a feeling of a karmic connection—of having known each other a long time—and even of being soul mates (see notes toward the end of this profile to support this feeling). John sees Raul as a beautiful soul. Raul feels emotionally safe around John and opens up about his feelings and desires. He feels connected to John on an instinctual level.

However, there is sometimes conflict between them when intellect and disposition clash. They are easily excitable around one another and enjoy gossiping and slandering others. Thoughts and assumptions become “facts” rather rapidly, and they assume others around them know what’s going on and what plans have been made. Suggestions are often initiated by Raul.

There is some jealousy of each other when not spending time together, and there can be lustful but inhibited sexual tension between the two. There is a tendency to keep secrets between them and away from others.  Raul courts John’s attention and flattery and is inclined toward emotional exaggerations. They are both likely to place demands on each other’s time and focus, and Raul will likely form a co-dependency on John. They are generally cheerful and optimistic and larger than life when spending time together. 


Raul and John see their relationship as lasting the test of time, and they are exuberant when they are around one another. They amplify and empower each other to have a witty, intellectual, emotional relationship. They usually think alike but approach their thought processes from different directions, which can sometimes cause them to butt heads. They talk endlessly about anything and everything and are totally committed to one another, can depend on one another,  and will defend one another to their last breath. Raul thrives on John’s attention and likes being seen out in public with him. Raul sees the world as beautiful as long as John is in it. Raul is literally in love with spending time with John, and he craves his attention. Being seen together by others is part of Raul’s worldview. John feels that he can be himself around Raul without fear of judgment. Their relationship is emotionally charged, and they struggle to be as devoted to anyone else as they are to each other. They are both likely to flout rules and regulations out of fun or to get what they want, especially when together - neither can be controlled, and they definitely do not like to hear the word “no.” They rebel and act out in the opposite direction when they hear it.  Their relationship can be summarized as “energetic fun”!  John sees Raul as an integral part of his family - mi casa es tu casa -  and Massimo prioritizes this relationship over others. There is an intensity to this relationship. John is concerned with how Raul views himself and sees his horizons expanding when he’s with him. 

There is a T-Square of John’s Venus opposite his north node and Raul’s Neptune conjunct Sun, and John’s Mars conjunct Black Moon, conjunct Raul’s Moon and Mars. Putting these components together suggests there are some conflicting desires and values in their relationship dynamic. In contrast, the square between John's Mars and Raul's Neptune/Sun suggests potential friction between their assertive, passionate energies and idealistic, spiritual ideas. It suggests a need for compromise, communication, and mutual respect to work through challenges.


The planet Mars usually governs sex, and John’s and Raul’s Mars placements align with one another. Both have Mars in Pisces, a fiery planet in a watery house. This means there are complications to the sexual energy they both have, and it can struggle to express itself clearly. This alignment of the two planets, though, really amplifies and ramps up the energy. Raul’s sex drive is urgent, aggressive, and insatiable. He will demand time for sex. John is far less aggressive and leans more toward eroticism, while Raul prefers raw sexuality. John’s Mars squares Raul’s sun, which suggests a variance in their sex drives. 

John’s Mercury triggers Priapus in Raul’s chart, which means that they can talk openly about sexual matters, which helps Raul uncover his repressed sexual attitudes and urges. These urges begin to free themselves as Raul sees them as natural and integral to who he is and his place in the world. Sex belongs in Raul’s worldview and takes prominence. 

Karmic aspects

The alignments in this synastry chart suggest that Raul and John have spent lifetimes together over the course of their souls’ journey. The idea of soul groups and soul contacts comes into play here.

Raul’s Saturn is conjunct John’s south node, which will probably bring up some fears or emotions that John has toward authority figures and restrictions or rules. The south node alignment suggests past-life connections relating to John’s self-worth and how he perceives the world to view him. Raul’s Saturn encourages John to evaluate what he wants in this world and work hard to get there. 

Both have Chiron in Aries, but John’s is 9th house, and Raul’s is 8th house. Aries suggests a passion to resolve this inner wounds and help each other heal from them. Raul’s north node is sextile John’s Jupiter, which is conjunct Raul’s Chrion, suggesting that John has a beneficial effect on Massimo’s self-discovery and inner healing while on his karmic journey in this lifetime. John’s Jupiter is trine Raul’s south node, suggesting that John provides opportunities for Raul to integrate past life lessons into this one.

John’s Mars is quincunx Raul’s south node, triggering past life competition and rivalry in Raul. Raul may demonstrate rivalry or competitive behavior towards John. 

There is a yod formation (the finger of God!) with John’s Sun, Raul’s Neptune/Sun/John’s north node, and Raul’s Pluto/Roy’s Priapus. There’s a lot to unpack here! Essentially, this formation suggests that John and Raul influence each other greatly in their transformational process, especially as it relates to repressed sexual identities. There are some challenges to overcome, but Raul’s spiritual identity is key to John’s karmic purpose in this lifetime.

sample soul pathway report

Soul Pathway Reading

For a soul pathway reading, we focus on three main areas - the moon, the sun, and the ascendant. The moon represents the pathway our soul has taken through previous lifetimes, the sun represents the current incarnation, and the ascendant represents the pathway our soul encourages us to take to the next incarnation.  In esoteric astrology, planets radiate from soul consciousness and indicate our soul's expressions. They help us identify old, controlling patterns that allow us to let go and progress in our evolutionary journey.

Your soul's past

The moon can be seen as the "prison of the soul" in that it captures the karma of past loves and shows us what we have been reluctant to let go of in our soul's evolutionary journey. Unless we let go of these karmic aspects, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again, life after life. The moon rules our emotional body, becoming heavier and more powerful the longer we carry it. The best way to control the emotional body is through the mind - the goal is not to destroy it but to let go of pain and fear and replace them with knowledge and wisdom.

Your moon's placement in the 10th house in the sign of Taurus traditionally represents gaining emotional fulfillment through work and how you are viewed by others. Esoterically, the placement suggests that your soul retains an importance to how you are viewed by the world.

The moon squares Venus, suggesting that your soul retains a very subjective view of the universe and is an emotional player in your life instead of being an unemotional observer who seeks where to open the petals of enlightenment. Your soul has clung to the idea of personal love versus universal love and separation rather than being part of a collective universe. Your moon also squares Jupiter, suggesting that your soul previously viewed the universe as a challenging place rather than as a benevolent one.

Your current incarnation

The sun represents your current incarnation and an accumulation of your soul's experiences. The sun shows a snapshot of where your soul is in this incarnation.  Your sun is also in the 10th house in the sign of Taurus and traditionally represents meaningful work of a practical and pragmatic nature. Taurus is reliable, hard-working, patient, and good with their hands.

Esoterically, Taurus often indicates the patient progression of the soul on its journey, and Taurus rules the soul's awakening. The traditional planetary rule of Taurus is Venus, which represents a love and appreciation of beauty and earthly pleasures. Your Venus is in the 11th house in the sign of Cancer, suggesting that you find beauty in spending time with like-minded people, especially smaller groups, rather than larger ones. Esoterically, however, the mythical planet of Vulcan is the ruler of Taurus. Vulcan was the blacksmith of the gods, son of Hera, and husband to Venus. His motto is that enlightenment is born of fire. Vulcan's fire is only ever felt by the soul-conscious traveler, and his fire burns away that which no longer serves us. He releases us from a lower level of consciousness and forges chains that hold us to our soul's true path. Vulcan releases us, just as he releases his wife, from personal love to a more universal, dispassionate love for the cosmos. 

Interestingly, the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus is Aldebaran, known as the Eye of Revelation or the Buddha star. It is one of the four "royal stars" known to be sentinels of the soul, offering portals into the mysteries of the mind and facilitating the opening of the third eye chakra. Aldebaran is in your 11th house in the sign of Gemini, and the 11th house here represents our social conditioning. It is the house where we recognize social injustice and work for the betterment of humanity, realizing that we are one rather than separate. Gemini suggests that we do this through compassion rather than intellect. 

Focusing on the following positive Taurean attributes will serve you well in this lifetime:

Your sun is conjunct with your moon, suggesting that you have a clear indication of the past flowing into the present and an awareness of what you need to do to continue to evolve. Your unconscious memories move into your conscious awareness for action.

Your sun squares Mars in the 6th house in the sign of Aquarius. This challenges your urge to rise, take control, and prove yourself to others. Aquarius directs Mars to use its energy in the service of others rather than serving its own interests and to actively seek the knowledge and wisdom to fill the gaps left behind as you let go of fear and ego. You are encouraged to build spiritual frameworks in which others can learn to recognize their own light and realize that love is intrinsic to all things.

Your sun also squares Jupiter in the 1st house of Leo, encouraging you to recognize the blessings of your life and realize that the universe is a benevolent and optimistic place. If you only recognize it, grace and fortune surround your current soul's pathway.

There is also a trine aspect between your sun and your Black Moon Lilith in your 6th house in the sign of Capricorn, suggesting you have already done a lot of work in this area, but you are encouraged to keep doing so. Capricorn encourages you not to look down on others at the bottom of the mountain as you raise your vibration. As you reach the top of your mountain, realize that is where the true journey begins rather than ends. The Black Moon Lilith placement suggests that you find working for the benefit of others fulfilling.

The future

The Ascendant is the ambassador of the soul and indicates our purpose and quality of soul experience in this incarnation. It also shows us the pathway to take for the next incarnation and step on our evolutionary journey. The ruling sign tells us who we should be and where we can find opportunities in this lifetime to prepare for the next.

Your Ascendant is in the sign of Leo, whose traditional ruler is the sun, representing the ego. However, the esoteric ruler of Leo is Neptune, and your Neptune can be found in the 3rd house in the sign of Scorpio.

Leo esoterically represents connective love and existence without needing external validation or admiration from anyone but yourself. 

Neptune shows us our way towards group consciousness, where heart and mind align for enlightenment. It also shows us the possibility of a deep spiritual connection to the cosmos and the potential of humanity. Be a spiritual teacher and walk the spiritual path. Learn to speak the language of the soul, and allow others to follow your example. Become accountable for your words and actions and the energy they put into the universe. How you treat yourself is how you treat everyone else on an energetic level. 

The Scorpio energy brings a feeling of spiritual isolation, so Neptune is showing you to surrender the fear of being alone and fall into the love of the collective consciousness. 

Your sun squares Mars in the 6th house of Aquarius. This aspect tells you to channel your fire, passion, and energy into humanitarian projects that benefit humanity as a whole.

Jupiter is conjunct with your sun in the 1st house, reminding you that the universe is benevolent and good things happen when you allow your consciousness and love to expand exponentially. Jupiter brings expansions and larger-than-life energy, and an optimistic attitude will activate the Law of attraction for you. 

Combine this with the message from Leo of connective love with the expansion of Leo and realize that Neptune in Scorpio tells you that you are not alone and to teach this message to others. This is your pathway to the next step in your soul's evolutionary journey.


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